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Orlando is an ancient symbol of judicial power, justice and trade skills. The famous Croatian Orlando Award for the best artistic musical and drama achievements comes from the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. This award was created in 1976 by the founder of Orlando AG, Vilko Težak, later giving its name to this company.

Orlando AG was founded in 1990 as a family firm and the first copyright agency in Croatia, specializing in copyright trade and representation. As the company grew, it gradually expanded its range of services. Over the next 25 years the company developed into a professional provider of translation and interpretation services, custom-tailored and educational tours and expanded to the North American market.

Translation and certification includes top quality professional translation services into all major European languages, Croatian and Slovenian. Our translators typically have over ten years of professional experience. Our other linguistic services include revision and editing, and our revisers are primarily native speakers. We use the latest tools and techniques in translation, including Trados Studio 2014, Wordfast pro and others.

Translation certification is available for all major languages, both according to Croatian certification standards, and the ATA certification standard for the US market.

We also offer subtitling services for video materials (films, series, advertisements) in several subtitling programs.

Conference interpreting, including simultaneous, consecutive and other types of interpreting is available since 2009. Our interpreters have post-graduate interpreting degrees and years of experience, particularly regarding standards and interpretation rules in the EU. In addition to the Croatian market, we offer interpretation services to courts, medical institutions and the private sector in the US. Phone interpreting and audio recording services for language-learning materials are also available in both the US and Croatian markets.

Jasenka Težak Štefanić is a specialist in conference interpreting, an ATA grader and certified translator for Croatian. She is a contract interpreter and translator for the US State Department, an associate translator for the Croatian Foreign Ministry, and an official translator for the EU. Her interpretation degree is based on the European Masters in Conference Interpreting offered in a number of European countries, for which she received a grant from the European Commission. As an associate translator of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs she worked on the translation of the EU acquis communautaire from 2003 to 2012. She is a certified court interpreter in Croatia since 1997 with 20 years of experience. Along with membership in professional associations in Croatia and in the US, she publishes texts in professional publications, and regularly attends professional conferences and seminars.