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Croatia community service trip – Trip overview

The community service trip to Croatia focuses equally on community service work, cross-cultural experience and learning. It is an ideal ratio of work and fun, exploration and learning, ultimately resulting in a unique and unforgettable experience.

As a rule, service work generally takes place in the morning, while sightseeing and other cross-cultral projects are organized for the afternoon. The service itself is planned at a number of locations, encompassing different kinds of work. It ranges from helping disabled children, manual labor (carpentry, landscaping) to work with endangered animals. The point is to introduce students to different kinds of service, providing them with the opportunity to discover the one they are most comfortable with, which they could perhaps practice later in life.

Another crucial component of the trip is the cross-cultural experience and learning about Croatia. The service component provides a rare experience and opportunity – to see a country “for real”, from a completely non-tourist perspective. In addition to sightseeing, the trip offers workshops, challenging projects and interaction with local peers. Meeting local students and learning about their lifestyle and culture is a unique way of discovering a place. The team travels to a number of places in Croatia, from the coast to the mountains, experiencing the diversity and richness of its culture.

And last but not least, the fun. By doing their share of work, being timely and active in group activities, students can earn free time in the afternoons, an opportunity to explore different towns in groups, to try local foods or shop for souvenirs. On this kind of trip the bonding within the team comes naturally, but combined with team building activities and a feeling of making a difference, it is a life-changing experience, which in turn creates lasting friendships and great memories.

The price includes:

  • airfare
  • hotels
  • breakfast and dinner
  • bus and driver 24/7
  • chaperones
  • workshops & projects
  • professional tour guides
  • tickets to museums, attractions and national parks
  • visits to over a dozen different towns and sites
  • quiz-dinner with local students
  • all transfers in Croatia
  • all taxes